How to Prepare your Home for Carpet Cleaning

Posted on August 28th, 2017

Your carpets are dirty and stained, you set up a time for a professional carpet cleaner to come clean your carpets, but what do you need to prepare for? Here are some things you can do to be ready for carpet cleaners:



The professional carpet cleaner will clean your carpet thoroughly; however, it is a good idea to vacuum all the carpet you are planning on having cleaned. This will pick up crumbs, hair, dirt, and debris that is on the surface of the carpet. Something else you can do to help prevent your carpet from becoming dirty again, is dust your baseboards and other surfaces of your home, such as fans, tables, etc.


Move Furniture

This is the big one, and probably the most difficult, but it saves a large amount of time for the cleaners. You will need to remove all the furniture from any rooms that will be cleaned. You don’t want to have the carpet cleaner trying to work around your furniture (which won’t allow for a thorough cleaning.)  Also if you have long drapes or curtains, you will need to make sure they aren’t touching the floor. A simple tip: use a clothes hanger to keep curtains out of the way. Also, you will need to remove clutter from the room. This will cut down on the amount of time the carpet cleaners will need to spend in each room.


Provide an Area for Parking

This might be something you never even considered, but it can be very important. Carpet cleaning companies generally have heavy trucks or vans. These vehicles can’t fit everywhere a normal car can. If you need to move your car, do so before they arrive. The carpet cleaning vehicle will probably need to park close to the home, since they will need to run hoses into your house.


Move Anything that is Breakable

If you have any fragile items on display in areas of your home that may be cleaned, move them to a safe area. Obviously the carpet cleaners will be as careful as possible, but it is still a great idea to be careful and just remove any breakable items.



If you have any pets, it is a good rule of thumb to put them in a room or kennel, to prevent them from getting near the cleaners. The cleaning process can also be rather loud in some cases, and this could frighten animals. It would be a good idea to take them on a walk or somewhere else out of the home.


Write Down the Areas of Concern

If there are any spots on your carpet that you are specifically concerned about, write these down so you can point them out to the professional cleaner. This will allow them to devote special attention to areas that may require extra effort to remove a stain. Those spots could be blood, wine, pet urine, etc.


Cleaning your carpet regularly can extend the life of your carpet drastically. It is shocking how much dirt and dust your carpet can contain. Have your carpets cleaned at least once a year in high traffic areas, to prevent your carpet from wearing out prematurely.